Government Bridge

This animation was assembled from successive still images downloaded from the the webcam focused on Lock and Dam 15 and Government Bridge which span the Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport Iowa. These particular frames were captured on the night of October 29 to October 30, 2010.

The purpose of this animation is to illustrate that the Swing Bridge there is indeed operated in varying modes; it will swing 180°in either direction, and sometimes it is opened 90°in one direction and then close by swinging back 90°in the other direction.

In order to view this animation you must be using a browser that is capable of rendering HTML5-OGG-Theora video files. A modern version of Firefox or Google Chrome will work. Opera is reported to work, also. You're out of luck if you're using Safari or Interweb Exploder. If you have an OGG-Theora-capable media player, you can download the animation from here for viewing in your player.